Online: The Experience Series With Honeycombers Founder Chris Edwards

Join us as we chat to Christine Edwards, the woman behind The Honeycombers, a go-to guide and lifestyle magazine for Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali.


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Having started The Honeycombers over 12 years ago, she’s garnered quite a name as a successful media entrepreneur. She worked on the business for 3 years, unpaid, to build a publication she could be proud of. Now, over a decade on, she’s been featured by the #shemeansbusiness campaign, Tech In Asia, Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide and more.

She built a career on her extensive knowledge of culture, leisure and the best establishments to find both, in some of the best cities in the world.


Topics we’ll cover:

– Building a Career and a Family

– Creating a Unique Product that Solves a Problem for Your Consumer base

– Living Off Your Personal Drive

– Retaining Talent is Key for Your Business

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